Welcome to faxfn

Welcome to Fax From Nowhere.

faxfn is growing. It started out challenging conventional wisdom on unemployment - but has diversified into a platform for unheard voices. It is dedicated to listening to people who really know the score, people with knowledge and experience of real life. They ask the questions the system sweeps under the carpet.

Imagine a welder in the 1960s working on the construction of a high profile power station, which has since closed years ahead of its time. (Then, of course, it was publicly owned.) He knew the stainless steel pipes were badly designed. He told some of his friends and others he met but who else was there to listen?
Imagine the quantity surveyor working on the Channel Tunnel who knows years before the public, markets, government and banks, the scale of the delays on the project. He talked to friends and people he meets on the train but who else was there to listen?
Imagine a young girl on the underground going up an escalator and on the run from one of those children's homes years before the abuse came out in public. She talked to other people on the escalator (before vanishing in the crowd) but who else was there to listen?

If you are interested in a particular section try printing it off to read at your leisure. And pass it onto a friend. You may like to print the compliments slip to go with it.

We plan to keep all postings indefinitely.

So if your experience and knowledge can help, let us know.

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