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Headlines : Evidence and Education.
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Education gone wrong
Most undergraduates are dead wood.

Found on Innovation.gov.uk
"You can't teach innovation, you can only constrain it by education.."

Who's afraid of Alison Wolf?
"... the countries which have done most to increase the education levels of their population have, on average, grown less fast than have devoted fewer resources to education."

Undergraduates lack initiative.
"Undergraduates... They have no imagination, no creativity, and no enthusiasm. They are not interested in showing how they can solve problems. They want to be spoon-fed the answers."

More naked emperors?
"They learn some from highly paid professors who now teach a way of writing that sounds clever whatever you are actually saying... It is a brew of Marx, Freud and Levi Strauss seen through the prism of French intellectuals which have been badly translated."

Wading through the second rate
"Anyone in a given [academic] field has now to wade through an awful lot of second rate material to locate anything useful."