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"Afer sixth form, I went off to University to study computing. I lasted a year. Not only was the standard of programming primitive compared to the standard of the software we had been writing, but I realised that I had probably written more programs in 4 years at school than any of the lecturers had in their lives - and I owned my own computer, rather than a timeshare teminal."

"The Alliance for Information Systems Skills, an umbrella group for IT employers and universities has 'agreed a series of urgent action points' to adress the current disparity between the skills provided by IT courses and the skills needed by the industry."

IT education - Computer Weekly reports

"remember that the open source movement is scoring some goals while 'traditional' software development in the government sector at least, is helplessly scoring own-goal after own-goal."

Open Source for government software? - Software Consultant A

"The UK Treasury has abandoned hopes of recovering millions of pounds in compensation for delays in the new national insurance system because it needs to preserve the relationship with the system's developer."

Government locked in - Computing magazine