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"The kids have been shown that drug taking is a way of having fun"
Benzodiazepines on the street in Yorkshire -Teenager A

"No-one I know will use diazes, temazes, for what they should be used for. People get a weekly script - 7 tablets and be able to sell them for #20"
Benzos and smack: Sell the prescription or stop the rattling? -Teenager B

"One in six [babies] had been fed benzodiazepine tranquillisers in the womb."
Reported in Scotland -The Sunday Post

"...my teenage years were all dictated through a barbiturate haze... Without my parents knowledge or approval, I stopped. How I did it I can't remember. I was 14 or 15 at the time, all my life these drugs had been my constant 'companions'. It was not easy."
The Prisoner - Patrick Michael

"Doctors are not adhering to guidelines and are relying on their "clinical judgement" with little knowledge of the actual action of these drugs...These drugs lead to crime in many ways. Some of us think it is the medical profession that should be in the dock."
Misprescibing tranquillisers and sleeping pills - Susan Bibby

"Hence, it is very important for GPs to be aware of potential hazards precipitated by benzodiazapine dependency and be selective and precautious while prescribing them."
Clinical judgements on benzodiazapines - Psychiatrist A

"It should be clear from the above evidence that the [Minister's] statement 'no proven link' is at best unhelpful."
Benzodiazepine use and damage to developing foetuses - Susan Bibby