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"Diplomas for the working class, degrees for the middle class"
Project 2000 is being terminated - Staff Nurse

"Should the nursing profession be attracting these people?"
6 Reasons why Project 2000 is failing patients and students - Another ex-student nurse

"Only the ordinary people are holding the straining NHS service together."
With ref to the present crisis in the NHS.... - Patrick Cooper-Duffy, RMN RNMS... Nurse over 30 years

"It was a tragic mistake not to incorprate state enrolled nurses into project 2000... It has been proved since that young inexperienced (cheap) care assistants cannot replace them."
The ideals of project 2000... - Frances Wheatley. State enrolled nurse

"... nurses have taken on a lot of what doctors used to do in the name of 'professionalism'. Often this loses the essence of nursing which is about caring and comforting"
'Professionalism' and shift patterns damaging patient care - Nurse H

"And on the wards, there is endless paperwork on care plans but no time with the patient. Helpless patients no longer are being fed properly - there is no time. Fresh water is not to hand on many wards. Proper fluid balance, essential for hydration and patients well being, is not being monitored."
Decline in patient care - Nurse B

"The change to an academic bias has caused other problems. Many students starting nusing courses are finding that more book learning is not what they expected and is not what they like so the drop-out rate on some courses is enormous. And because of the nature of the block grant received by universities, this drop-out rate does not affect funding. Courses in nursing are lucrative."
The Profession of Nursing - Senior Lecturer in Community Nursing

"They would rather have a familiar nurse, who has had chance to talk to them, helping to organise their discharge and liasing with the doctors. At the same time they would like that nurse to have washed them - she then knows about their skin and pressure areas - taken their observations - so she can interpret them based on her knowledge of their medical history - and helped them with their food, toileting and tablets so she has a full picture."
Return to the bedside - Freedom to Nurse

"The real scandal of this New Order is that Project 2000 is an empire created by a self serving clique. ... No matter how much evidence is presented of the failure of graduate careerism of nursing, these people will dig in their heels because, let us face it, turkeys do not vote for Christmas."
Project 2000 created by a self-serving clique - Ian Brown