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"This has now resulted in massive bundles of paperwork... making the qualifications inaccessible to precisely those for whom they were originally intended."

A pity about NVQs - Mike Matheson

"What will happen for the consumer in the future if young people are not getting properly trained in their craft? It is difficult to tell good tradesmen from 'cowboys'. Membership of the trade guilds is not a guarantee. We need old fashioned apprenticeships NOW."

"The victory of the managerial class is total and, given that they have total control and a fanatical belief in the rightness of their views we are, once again, stuck. Yet again the Eloy want us Morlocks to put another theory into practice."

It really isn't that simple - College Lecturer

...Large numbers of civil servants devoted their time to publicising and marketing NVQs, ... The reforms slid into something reminiscent of the 'Cargo Cults' of Polynesia. Just as worshipping replicas of planes was thought, by cult adherents, to bring the showering of gifts from the sky, so it became an article of faith that awarding enough vocational certificates would somehow transform the nature of the UK economy.