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"Her daffodils grow in regimented lines. Planted
With a setsquare, they stand to attention
In the morning sun."

- Echo

Trevor Wishart's Website
Trevor is an internationally known composer based in York. His most recent work was an opera with Max Couper on barges outside the Houses of Parliament. It got very good reviews in the posh papers.

Pip's Web Site!, a comedy, jokes, games, satire and entertainment web site. Featuring Pip and the characters from Romp! Created by the UK based digital artist, Philip James Wallace.

Interactive Satire On the Web? Yes! Visit Fairground 2000, Kamikaze Kitten and Higgledy Piggledy!

Castle Howard
A quiet walk in the country.
A very nice place to calm down.

A site with no tables.
SMS messaging for your PC.