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Geoff Beacon


    Since the summer of 1917
    Frank's son Frank knew
    Existence was more than mortal consciousness
    From the of top Burham Downs he had seen
    The fabric of the sky drop from its scaffolding
    To show the reality beyond
    Frank's father Frank never got the chance
    To share his son's revelation
    His dying body was returned from French battlefields
    To a wife who said
    There must be some mistake
    This is an old man
    My husband is young


    Stiff and smart, unused pristine
    And not for any general use
    My prim and proper niece Christine
    I never thought could be seduced
    Her appetite for culture kept the scruffy boys at bay
    She wasn't on for any of that
    She thought it wrong to stop and chat
    But some Greek boy in some Greek place has brought her into play
    Since she yielded up her body
    She has gained in style and grace
    No longer stiff and sniffy
    Love and warmth glows in its place
    As her paternal uncle
    I keep these thoughts suppressed
    But it's hard to meet niece Christine
    Without glancing at her breasts
    But I will weep for Christine
    It was obvious from the start
    There's so many fucking bastards
    That will break and break her heart

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    Christine Stiff and smart, unused pristine 
    And not for any general use 
    My prim and proper niece Christine 
    I never thought could be seduced 
    Her appetite for ...


    I wait to watch her slide the shiny pole
    Her arms and legs forever gripping tight
    She seems to slide down into every dream
    Her arms encircling me throughout the night
    Her strength and warmth and gentlest of moans
    My mind at peace and fervour both at once
    I feel the place she always used to fill
    I haven't had a restful sleep for months
    Hanging round the station's double doors
    A dirty cold and windy place to be
    Reduced to getting distant furtive sights
    And wondering if she ever thinks of me
    I think she hasn't got another man
    I think I'm still the sort she really needs
    I think and so in fact I really am
    In love with each and every breath she breathes


    Kevin accelerated past the corner shop
    To blow the wind through his toes
    A year later he returned to the squat
    With the cigarettes he had been sent to buy
    "Hello Kevin", they said, "did you remember the matches"
    "My Frank is coming for me", said Kate an hour before her death
    As if the 50 years of uncompromising survival were an eye-blink.
    But yesterday
    Without eye-contact
    With the formalities of words at their least coherent
    We could clearly see the preserved reality
    Behind your own personal time-locked door

Does She Shave Her Legs?

    The naked angel floats to heaven
    Rising up in heavenly thought
    I glance and glance away quite quickly
    In case my interest is caught
    Her strong and muscular behind
    The silky feel above her knee
    Her body odour strange and different
    For angels aren't like you or me
    If I am good and go to heaven
    If rectitude can rule my life
    I think I'll be in heaven in heaven
    With angel in the afterlife

One Performance Only

    We'll fly you over burning forests
    We'll walk you through the starving hordes
    We'll show you drowned and bloated corpses
    At a price you CAN afford
    You'll glide above the sky in comfort
    You'll sleep your nights in quiet hotels
    You'll sit and watch our views in wonder
    Of mankind in a thousand hells

  © Geoff Beacon