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21jan00: Current Prospect Advert: Notes

The Knowledge Economy 1 (someone ought to tell him...)

Use the universities? Give them degrees?

"One of my golden rules, one that still holds true for many IT managers, is 'Never hire the graduate'. Three years away from the real world leaves a handicap that is difficult to overcome."

"The city of Algiers is awash with civil engineers and computer scientists who weekly migrate from the country to look for work as bottle washers, road sweepers and shoe shine boys."

The Knowledge Economy 2 (someone ought to tell him...)

Or create Open Source jobs?

"I can't give complete instructions on how to learn to program here -- it's a complex skill. But I can tell you that books and courses won't do it (many, maybe most of the best [open source programmers] are self-taught)."

How To Become A Hacker - Eric Raymond (Open Source Guru)

"the open source movement is scoring some goals while 'traditional' software development in the government sector at least, is helplessly scoring own-goal after own-goal."

Open Source for government software?

Don't teach the teachers and lecturers the skills of the knowledge economy: They'll learn from books and get it wrong. See for example...

"Suddenly magazines full of BASIC listings came flooding onto the market, and a new breed of programmer was born - the hacker. The country was full of 12 year olds in their bedrooms writing assembly code, dissasembling ROMs and doing things with the machine that the manufacturers thought were impossible.

While in the fourth year, I formed a company with a few friends and a teacher, and we started writing educational software. ...but [at university] I realised that I had probably written more programs in 4 years at school than any of the lecturers had in their lives"

Has IT education failed? - Ben Daglish

Give the kids some incentive to participate and they'll learn the practical skills quickly - and may even pass some of it onto the the teachers.

14jan00: Private Eye Advert: Notes

Northern Unemployment:
They needed jobs. You left them heroin.
Any other ideas?
(We have).

Note 1: Unemployment destroys communities. (still)

"I have to represent the dispossessed of Grimsby and Castleford eking out their life, killing the pain of unemployment and alienation with that most effective of pain killers, heroin."

Note 2: The New Deal isn't creating jobs.

"So according to the government's web site, the New Deal does not seem to have made any difference."

Note 3: There are other ideas.

"CO2 emissions would fall by 9.5% more than the base case... The main economic impact is the creation of 717,000 new jobs by 2005, two-thirds of which are full-time. "

"So the introduction of this scheme would simultaneously increase employment and reduce taxation."

If the crash comes, what use are PhDs?

"Ultimately we will all be doing PhD's, with the only vocational orientation being the theory of how to administer and manage the dole office."

"The Jabalya refugee camp, the largest in the Strip, is one of the poorest and most densely populated areas in the world. Casual inquiry will suggest, however, that there are more PhD's per head of population than in either Bloomsbury, London or in the university town of Boulder, Colorado."